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Teacher: Connecting parents

To engage and invite parents, follow the steps below   

1. From your home page launch your classroom:
2. From your classroom navigation bar click on "Roster" and then "Connect parents": 

3. On the Connect Parents page you can check mark each student and print off Parent Invitation Letters to send home, or you can enter the parent email of each student and click connect:

After clicking connect an email will be sent to the parents inviting them to sign up for an ACT Mosaic Adaptive Academic Learning Account. 

4. To add additional parents, locate the student and click the + sign to connect another parent.

5. Enter in the additional address and click connect.

6. Once the email is added, the student's record will show the first parent and a link to "show more parents"
7. Clicking on the link displays the additional parents connected. You can easily disconnect here if necessary.


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