How to enable/disable Adaptive Practice (classroom level)

To review and change the curriculum settings follow the steps below:  

1. Launch your classroom from the teacher home page:
2. On the classroom navigation bar click on Features and then click settings under Math, ELA, Spelling, or eBooks: 

3. In the Math, ELA, Spelling and eBooks settings you can set the default curriculum and the default learning path(grade level) for your classroom by enabling Adaptive Practice. Slide to disable if you do not want students to see this content in this classroom.

4. In the Fact Fluency settings you can set this to auto-assign or manual. TIP: Auto-assign automatically moves students to the next operation. Manual means you have to place students in the first operation and move them to subsequent operations.

After changing these settings your classroom will now be set to the curriculum and learning path of your choice! 

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