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Administrator: Bulk upload students

To bulk upload students follow the steps below: 

Important Note: Bulk uploading is done at the school level. If you are a district administrator, you will need to launch the district first and then launch individual schools. Proceed to Step 2 once launched.

1. Launch your school from the Admin home page:

2. On the Navigation Bar click on Users and the Manage Students:

3. On the manage students page click on import students:
4.On the import students page you will have the option to type the data or copy and paste from a file to enter the data in the field provided: 

5. There is also an option to download an Excel Template to enter your student information and then copy and paste into the field:

6. After copying and pasting the student data click on next step and you will reach a review page of all the students added. Click on Confirm Import:

Review your import and press back to make any changes. After clicking confirm import the students will be added to the system! 

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