How to manage Math Adaptive Practice

To manage Math Adaptive Practice follow the steps below:

1. Launch your classroom from the teacher home page:

2. On the classroom navigation bar under Features you will see Adaptive Practice under Math:

3. On the Math Adaptive Practice page you will be able to view the Mastery Progress, the % of the Learning Path which has been completed as well as browse and change the learning path for each student. TIP: Concepts in the learning path can be in one of 6 stages (Not attempted-Gray, In progress-Blue, Scaffolded-Orange, Intervention Needed-Red, Mastery Check Ready-Turquoise or Mastered-Green)

4. On the Math Adaptive Practice Page you can also see the Learning Mode (Diagnostic or Practice) for each student, and view Individual Progress (Learning Path and Diagnostic Report) under Review. 

Reviewing all of these steps will allow you to effectively Manage the Math Adaptive Practice! 

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