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Managing ELA settings


  To manage ELA Settings:

1. Launch your classroom from the teacher home page: 

2. Next, click on Class Settings from the Navigation bar and then ELA Settings:

3. On the ELA settings page, you can manage the weekly goal, curriculum settings, and mastery settings.
4. The weekly goal allows you to set the number of ELA problems students must solve each week (Mon-Sun). 

5. In Curriculum Settings, you can turn adaptive practice ON or OFF. If OFF, ScootPad will not automatically generate practices for your students based on their assigned learning path and all practices must be assigned by the teacher. You can also ensure that students start practice with the Adaptive Placement Test by turning this ON. The Default Learning Path chosen during classroom creation will be displayed here.

6. In Mastery Settings, you can set the Proficiency Target (% for students to achieve mastery), Rigor (the minimum number of questions per each concept your students must practice to achieve mastery), Practice Size (the number of questions to be generated in each adaptive/automatic practice), and the Intervention Threshold (whole-class (tier-1) intervention).

You can adjust these settings at any time.

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