How to manage ELA settings

To manage ELA Settings:

1. Launch your classroom from the teacher home page:

2. Click on Features from the Navigation Bar and then under ELA click on Settings:

3. On the settings page click on Curriculum and then in the drop down menu you can set the default curriculum and learning paths(grade level).  TIP: Comprehensive means students receive automatic practice from their ELA learning path while giving you the flexibility to supplement and assign targeted/improvement practices. We highly recommend this!
4. Under proficiency you can set the Proficiency for ELA practice in your classroom:
5. You can also set the Rigor, which is the minimum number of questions a student must practice to achieve mastery in each concept within their learning paths.

6. The number of questions per practice can also be adjusted:

7. The Intervention Threshold can be set. TIP: As you decrease the percentage, more students can be addressed systematically and efficiently.

After adjusting these settings, your classroom will be set! 

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