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Adding/Browsing Word Lists

To add or browse word lists:

1. Launch your classroom from the teacher home page:

2. Select Word Lists from the Features Menu:

3. To browse lists, select the grade level and click search. TIP: To ONLY search lists shared with you by those in your school or district, click on the Shared Tab instead. When the results return, you can easily assign by clicking the "assign" button next to the desired list.

4. To create a new word list, click create my own word list

5.Name the list, Choose a Grade Level, Enter the Words and Sentences and click Save:
6. To Edit one of your lists, click on the My Own tab, then select Edit (pencil) under Actions for the List:

7.The Name, Description, and Grade Level can be adjusted. You can also add or delete a word:

The word lists will be saved and can now be assigned.

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