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Reviewing Additional Reports

To review all additional Reports:

1. Launch your classroom from the teacher home page:

2. On the classroom Navigation Bar select Reports:

3. There are 4 additional reports to review: Fact Fluency, eBooks Reading, Writing, and Behavior, and 1 option to download Student data into a CSV file: Download Data

4. The eBooks Reports tile allows you to view Reports by Student, by eBook, or by Learning Path, as well as an Overview of all Books read:

 5. The Writing report allows you to see your students' results summarized according to your writing rubric.

6. To see an individual student's results, select the student, and then on the right-hand side you will see the data for the selected student:
7. On the Behavior Reports page you have four different views: Overview, Student Report, By Behavior, and By Student:

8. On the Student Report there is the option to email the reports to the parents by entering the parent email address, checking a student, then clicking on Email Report:

9. Clicking on Download Data allows you to export student data into a CSV file. First, click  + New Data Request

10. Give your data request a name and submit it

11. ScootPad will immediately start processing your request (it typically takes 20-30 min to complete)

12. You will receive an email when your data is ready. You can visit the Download Data page to download your file. Note that data files will be accessible for you to download at any time in future (this also provides an audit trail of when you requested it for comparison)

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