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Remove/Change Learning Path (student level)

To change a learning path for a student:

1. Launch your classroom from the teacher home page:

2. From the classroom Navigation Bar click on Features and then under Math or ELA click on Adaptive Practice:

3. Select a single student or multiple students and then click on "Change Learning Path" or "Remove Learning Path"

4. If changing the Learning Path, click the grade level first, then choose a standards aligned or textbook-aligned Learning Path. You can also simply choose form one of the Learning Paths you created or that has been shared with you by others in your school or district. There is an option to start with the Adaptive Placement. Once done, click Yes, Change.

5. If removing the Learning Path from one or more students, click "remove Learning Path", verify, and then click Yes, Remove.

Students within the same classroom can be on different paths or not on a path at all.

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