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Auto Generate Questions for Assessment

An Auto-Generated assessment is a great option when you are short on time! Click the standards and we'll do the rest! 

To set up and assign an Auto-Generated Assessment:

1. Launch your classroom from the teacher home page:

2. From the classroom Navigation Bar click on Features and then under Math or ELA click on Assessments:
3. Select New assessment

4. Select Go under Auto Generate:
5. Browse the concepts and the Drag and Drop them to be included in the Assessment:

6. Questions will be Auto-Generated and you will be able to preview each question:

7. Name the Assessment and Choose the Sharing Level:

Click Save and the Assessment will be Created.  
8. When the page refreshes, assign it to students by clicking the assign button. Note the items below. To make the picture larger, right-click on it and choose to open in another tab or window.

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