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Reviewing Student Intervention Data

To review Intervention Data:

1. Launch your classroom from the teacher home page:

2. On the Menu Bar click Intervention:
3. The Intervention Page will show you how many unique students need intervention for Math and ELA, From here Launch the Intervention Monitor for Math or ELA:

4. On the Intervention Monitor Page there is a legend on the right hand side explaining the Tiers:

5. The students which appear on the side of the chart require re-teaching in the concepts which appear on the top of the chart. The concepts are grouped into tiers giving you insight into which concepts require whole class, small group or individual re-teaching.

6. Unchecking a tier removes that tier from view allowing you to focus on a specific group. Below, the teacher wants to focus on Tier 3.   

7. After providing the students with a mini lesson, you can assign a concept improvement by checking one or more students and a standard from the chart. This will assign a concept improvement assignment for the student: 

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