How to manage student enrollment

To enroll and manage student enrollment into classrooms:

1. On the Admin Home Page launch your school:

2. On the Navigation Bar under Users select Manage Enrollment:

3. From the Drop Down Select a Classroom: 

4.  To Enroll, Bulk Enroll students into the selected classroom select the icons:  

5.  To Un-Enroll All Classrooms select the icon, this will Un-Enroll all students from the classrooms at your school: 
6. Select a Student to Un-Enroll, pring Sign in Cards, Parent Letters or Move a Student:  

Manage Enrollment feature allows for an Admin to Manage the Enrollment of Students at the school. 

7. To manage which classrooms an individual student is enrolled in, click on Manage Students. Then click the review hyperlink to see the classrooms. Click unenroll to remove a student from a classroom.

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