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What are the minimum system requirements to use ScootPad?

ScootPad is a cloud-based web application which requires an active internet connection.

Find below the basic system requirements and also run our device check tool to determine if your device and network are compatible to use ScootPad:

Computer/Tablet Requirements:

  • PC or Mac:

    • PC: Windows 10+

    • Mac: MacOS X 11+

    • 1024×768 or better resolution

  • Tablets: iPad, Android Tablets (7" or Larger), Kindle Fire

  • Note: We do NOT recommend using ScootPad on phones (due to limited screen size)

Supported Web Browsers:

  • Google Chrome (latest version) — Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android

  • Apple Safari (latest version) — Mac OS X, iOS

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11+ — Windows

  • Microsoft Edge (latest version) — Windows

  • Mozilla Firefox (latest version) — Windows

  • JavaScript and Cookies must be enabled in the browser

Internet Connection & Bandwidth:

  • Bandwidth: 100KB/request.

    • Min 512kbps bandwidth recommended (for a single user).

    • The bandwidth requirement for a school/district can be determined by the estimated number of concurrent users downloading 100kbps.

  • Speed/Performance: An average 1-second page load time is expected.

Technical Details for System Administrators:

  • Ports: 80 and 443.

  • IP Ranges: ScootPad uses Elastic Amazon Cloud infrastructure and hence IP range can be dynamic (not static)

  • Datacenter Location: US East (North Virginia)

  • Content Delivery: Static content is delivered via a globally distributed CDN. Dynamic content is delivered from our main data center location.

  • Whitelist URLs: Allow all subdomains under these domains: /,, or,

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