Browsing and Creating Custom Assessments

To browse, create and share Custom Assessments using the ScootPad Content Library: 

1. At the top of the Page Select Content:

2. Select Custom Assessments: 

3. Search by standards, grade, subject, and domain:

4. Teachers can Preview, Assign and Star (Bookmark) Assessments based on the Standards that have been searched. TIP: To make changes to an assessment, use the copy button to make it your own. Choose to share it with others after editing!

5.  Create your own Assessments
6. Choose from Auto Generate and Custom Build: 

7. Select Go for Auto Generate or Custom Build, then follow the steps. Auto Generate allows you to choose standards and have ScootPad auto-generate a new assessment. Custom Build will allow teachers to build an assessment by selecting questions from the Question Bank.  

8. Choose to keep your assessment private, share with only your school or district, or share with the ScootPad community.

Once you have made a selection, you are all set!

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