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Browsing/Creating Lessons in the Lesson Bank

To browse, upload, and share Instruction lessons in the ScootPad Content Library: 

1. At the top of the Page, select Content:

2. Click on Lesson Bank:

3. Search Lessons by Standards, Grade, Domain:

4. You can Preview, Assign and Star (Bookmark) lessons

5. You can also upload your own lesson:
6. Follow the steps to Upload a New Lesson: 

7. Upload method: Choose the file, select the standard, and choose the Sharing Level and Save. NOTE: The file has to be no more than 10MB.
8. Embed method. NOTE: When embedding a video, ScootPad will not mark the video as completed. The video will also remain on the student dashboard until the due date has passed. To have the assignment marked as completed, we recommend embedding the video using the Projects feature instead.

9.Choose to keep your lesson private or share with others!

The Lesson Bank allows teachers to browse and create their own instruction lessons.  

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