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Administrator: Bulk upload teachers

To bulk upload teachers: 

Important Note: Bulk uploading is done at the school level. If you are a district administrator, you will need to launch the district first and then launch individual schools. Proceed to Step 2 once launched.

1. From the Admin home page launch the school:

2. Under Users select Manage Teachers: 
3. On the Manage Teacher Page Select Import Teachers:  

4. Enter the Teacher record, one teacher per line. You can copy formatted data from your Excel Template and paste it in the box.

TIP: This process will create a classroom for each teacher. If a teacher has several classrooms, ensure that the teacher has multiple line items. In the below example, John Doe teaches 3 classrooms. The template will list him 3 times with a different grade per line.
John Doe K
John Doe 1 
John Doe 2  

5.  Select Import and the teachers will be imported/uploaded into the program: 
6. Click Yes proceed to confirm you would like to import teachers:
7. When the import is done there will be a message and a list of teachers that have been imported: 

After the import, you will receive a confirmation and your teachers will have been uploaded into the program.  Review the classrooms which were created under Users>Manage Classrooms

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