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Why is my email address not able to receive emails from ScootPad?

There are several reasons why you may not be receiving emails from ScootPad. Here are a few common reasons:

1. A non-existent email address

The email address could have a typo or the email address may have been removed by the organization. In this case, it’s important to review for any obvious typos in the email address.

2. Undeliverable email

It is possible that your organization's receiving email server is temporarily unavailable, was overloaded, or couldn’t be found. A server that can’t be found could have crashed or be under maintenance, so this may just mean that your future emails could be delivered successfully.

3. Mailbox full

If you have a ton of emails in your inbox and you can’t receive any more, new incoming emails will bounce back until there’s space for them. Sometimes, this can also mean that you are no longer using that email address.

4. Blocked email

If your organization's servers or ISP placed the ScootPad domain ( in the “Blocked” category, then all emails from ScootPad will be blocked and you shall not see them. This is often the case among government institutions or schools, where servers can be more strict when it comes to receiving emails. To resolve this issue, you need to request your system administrators to unblock ScootPad’s domain or IP addresses.

We recommend you to resolve the issue by reviewing the above reasons and/or you can change your email address linked to your ScootPad account.

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