How to enable video lessons if Vimeo is blocked

ScootPad delivers video lessons (embedded on ScootPad) to students via Vimeo and/or YouTube. Vimeo is the default video service and if Vimeo is not accessible, YouTube will automatically become the video service. 
If your district/school has blocked for student devices, it is still possible to enable the embedded ScootPad lesson videos for students. Please forward this information to your system/network administrator so they can setup the necessary access. 

ScootPad looks for the following resources to be accessible to determine if Vimeo is available: and
To enable access to ScootPad video lessons (embedded) for your students, please follow the steps below (for administrators):
  1. Unblock,,
  2. Add,, as Allowed Referrers
  3. Ensure your web filter allows secure (encrypted) requests from
  4. Clear the browser cache (in chrome, safari etc.)
Please note that the above steps will still block students from accessing directly and only allows them to access the ScootPad embedded videos.

If the above solution is NOT acceptable or workable, alternatively you can enable ScootPad video lessons via YouTube. Please follow these instructions to check and enable video lessons via YouTube.

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