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Teacher: Managing General Settings

General Classroom Settings is where you go to view your class code, manage Co-Teachers, Voice Read-Aloud, Student retries, and Growth Mindset messages:

To manage general Classroom settings:

1. Launch your classroom:

2. From the Navigation Bar click on Class Settings and then General Settings
3. Within general settings, you can add a Co-Teacher by selecting +Add Co-Teacher

4. Enter in the Teacher's name and email address then click save. 

TIP: The "teacher" cannot be someone with an admin account on ScootPad. If an admin needs to have visibility to the classroom, the admin should provide the teacher with an alternate email address to be used as the "teacher" account when adding as a co-teacher.
An email will then be sent to the Co-Teacher and the Co-Teacher will have access to the classroom! 
5. You can manage settings related to student practice such as Voice Read-Aloud, student retries, and feedback.
6. You can also manage whether students receive an auto-generated Growth Mindset message on their dashboard.


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