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Reviewing Practice Data

To review Practice Data:

1. On your teacher home page Launch your classroom:

2. From the Classroom Navigation Bar click on Reports:

3. On the Reports Page, there are 8 Reports that display practice data.

4. The Activity Dashboard will show all activity for the filtered date range for Math, ELA, Spelling, eBooks, and Fact Fluency!

5. Weekly Goal performance displays goal attainment for the past 4 weeks.

6. The Proficiency  Dashboard allows you to review a  classroom proficiency summary and drill down to see details by student:

7. Proficiency by Grade will review proficiency data by grade and drill down to see details by student:

8. Proficiency By Domain will review the proficiency data by domain and drill down to see details by student:

9. Proficiency by Standard displays Data for both Practice and Assessments:

10.The Mastery Grid allows teachers to review mastery by learning path in a grid format. You can also toggle and view the learning path by mastery score. 

11. The Mastery Report allows teachers to filter by student, subject, and by report type (Practiced concepts in the current classroom or across classrooms, the current Learning Path or all Learning Paths in the current classroom)

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