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Solution: After-School Supplement

Below we’ve broken down how you can use ScootPad in after school program for students in grades K-8.

1. Adaptive or Targeted Curriculum

Teachers are providing students with the necessary in-class instruction and an after-school program is the perfect place to provide supplemental practice. The choice is yours: Adaptive Practice, Targeted Practice or a little of both? Perhaps there is a district initiative for 3rd graders to receive supplemental assistance in a specific domain or for all 4th graders to work on improving their spelling. ScootPad is super flexible and we’ve got you covered.

 2. Independent Practice and Lessons

After school programs will truly benefit as ScootPad continuously personalizes learning. Our proprietary algorithms ensure a tailored practice experience with each and every problem to meet the student’s need in the moment. When a student struggles with a concept, ScootPad automatically pushes a Time-Out lesson to help the student with that specific concept.

3. Auto-Fill Knowledge Gaps

As students launch adaptive practices, they will see lessons, multiple item types, different DOK-leveled questions and most importantly scaffolded content if applicable. ScootPad will detect when a student is struggling and will automatically scaffold content in real-time (across DOK and grade levels) providing the student with practice in pre-requisite concepts. This automatic intervention happens in real-time with no involvement from the teacher and seamlessly within the students’ adaptive practice. What a time saver for your after-school program staff!

4. Automatic Mastery Checks

Your after-school program may offer homework help. Homework reinforces what was taught in class. When students work in ScootPad, our strategically spaced Mastery Check assessments also reinforce previously practiced concepts to ensure students can maintain their overall competency levels higher over time.

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