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Clever District SSO and Roster Integration

ScootPad offers an out-of-the-box integration to enable districtwide Single Sign-On (SSO) and Rostering (Secure Sync) with Clever across one or more schools in the district. This integration involves the following:
  • SSO (Instant Login): With Clever Instant Login, teachers and students get a seamless single sign-on experience - letting them focus on learning, not logging in. Using this SSO capability, users can seamlessly launch ScootPad from their Clever account without needing to remember/enter ScootPad sign-in credentials.
  • Rostering (Secure Sync): With Clever Secure Sync, your school rosters (teachers, classrooms, students, and enrollments) are automatically synced with ScootPad, eliminating data entry errors and increasing student data privacy.

NOTE: In order to implement Clever districtwide, ScootPad requires the school/district to work with our integration team to make sure this implementation is smooth and successful. 

Next step: Please schedule a meeting with our integration team to discuss this implementation next step.

Following are the mandatory best practices that we will discuss in the meeting:

a) Sharing Permissions in Clever
b) Sharing Sections using rules in Clever
c) Brainstorming implications of this integration to existing district's data in ScootPad
d) Enabling ScootPad school or districtwide licensing

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