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Managing Fact Fluency

Students build up their math fluency with improved speed and accuracy at their own pace using our adaptive fact fluency module.

To manage whether students have access to Fact Fluency:

1. Launch your classroom

2. Under Features>Math, click Fact Fluency

3. If students are listed with an operation next to their name, then Fact Fluency will be on their dashboard ready to launch!

4. If you do not want students to have access to Fact Fluency or if you would like to change the current operation the student is on click  "Change Fact Operation".

5. If you would like to reset the student data so the student can practice the facts again, click "Reset Student Data"

To manage Fact Fluency Settings:

Navigate to General Settings and then click on Math Settings. Scroll down to review the three settings governing the Fact Fluency Module (math fact operations, facts up to, and speed threshold) to determine the best fit for your classroom. 
  • Math Fact Operations- If ON, students will automatically move from one operation into the next. Students are initially placed in ADDITION. If OFF, you must assign the fact operations to your students. 
  • Facts up to- refers to how many operands the operations will include
  • Speed Threshold- Students must recall a fact 3 times within the specified threshold

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