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Sharing Setup in Clever

The integration with Clever saves administrators lots of time but it is critical that only necessary data is shared with us. Administrators can see what data ScootPad has access to by going to the ScootPad overview page on your Clever Dashboard. 

ScootPad suggests that schools share the subjects Math, English/Language Arts, or Reading. Within these subjects, schools can refine to ensure that only the appropriate sections (based on teacher and grade) are shared. In some cases, using Homeroom/Advisory can take the place of separate Math/ELA or Reading sections. Adding Interventions/Online Learning can ensure that teachers with small groups have access to ScootPad in their sections. Remember, everything shared with ScootPad in Clever will sync to ScootPad nightly and this will impact what teachers and students see. In ScootPad/Clever integrations, Learning Path data does not follow students to new sections.

1) Set up Sharing Permissions in Clever (

After sharing and adjusting permissions by rules, you can ensure that each teacher has their specific sections assigned. Tip: Avoid sharing subjects such as art, lunch, science, social studies and other subjects not pertaining to ScootPad to keep in line with Privacy regulations.

3) Sign in to your ScootPad admin account to verify the classrooms which have been created from the sections shared. Tip: Advise teachers to disable the content not used in each classroom. (i.e in Math class, disable everything but Math)

4) Sign in to a student account to verify the student homepage.

You are all set and students are ready to go!

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