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Extend dates (window) of Assessment

Extending the dates of an Assessment is the route to go when students have not finished the assessment in the window you assigned. The teacher, co-teacher, or admin who originally assigned the Assessment will need to follow the directions to extend the dates.

To extend the dates (window) of an Assessment:

1. Launch your classroom from the teacher home page. If an admin, launch your school/district.

2. From the classroom Navigation Bar click on Features and then under Math or ELA click on Assessments. 
3. Select Assessment Results:

4. Filter by Date Range, and then select the pencil for the specific assessment you want to extend the due dates for. TIP: Use this option if the assessment window has closed and students still need to complete the assessment. In the example below there was 1 student who didn't finish (either started and didn't finish or didn't start). The teacher can click the pencil to extend the dates and the assessment will be assigned/re-opened only to the students who did not complete it.

Note that all students the assessment was originally assigned to will appear on the right. Leave them there when changing the dates. ScootPad knows who already completed the assessment and will not reassign.  In the below image, Jesse completed the assessment but the other students did not. Simply change the dates and now the assessment will reopen for everyone else.

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