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Admin: Moving students

Please note that this can only be completed by an ADMIN.

To move one or more students from one classroom to another classroom with their data:

NOTE: Any current Learning Path data will be reflected in the new classroom (i.e. Jim is in Ms. Smith's class and has worked in his Math Learning Path. He is now in Ms. French's class and no longer needs access to Ms. Smith's class. By using this feature, the admin can move Jim into Ms. French's class and bring ALL data with him so that he isn't starting over in the Learning Path. If Ms. Smith simply unenrolls Jim and Ms. French enrolls him, Jim will have to start over). 

1. Launch your school

2. Select users and then manage enrollment
NOTE: This is NOT applicable if you have a Clever or Google synced classroom as enrollment is managed outside of ScootPad.

3. Select the correct classroom from the drop-down menu. Check student(s). Select the new teacher and new classroom the student(s) should be moved into and click the "move" button.

Selected students and their learning data + coins will be moved to a new classroom!

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