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Calculating student time on task

ScootPad calculates time as the time students spend in a focused state on a task.

A task is defined as Lessons, Practice, or Assessments in either Math or ELA. 

A focused state is when the task at hand is actively in progress. 

An example:
  • Student signs in to ScootPad at 11:15. Plays a game for a couple minutes. Starts a targeted practice at 11:20. Accesses another tab to pull up a calculator while still in the practice. The time that the student spends focused on the calculator, any other applications, or the other tabs which are open ARE NOT captured. The student signs out of ScootPad at 11:40. When a teacher pulls the activity report it shows 1 min and 59 s on task although the student is adamant that the full 25 minutes was spent in ScootPad. 

  • The total time the student may have spent in ScootPad was actually 25 minutes (11:15-11:40)
  • The total time in the task was actually 7 minutes (11:20-11:27)
  • ScootPad captures the time in the tab itself which eliminates the possibility that a student could be playing games while signed in or accessing other tabs and components of their device, which is NOT TIED to student achievement.  
  • We suggest using the GOAL feature as your metric. This feature is very reliable as it takes into account all task activity which results in problems solved (practice and assessments)
An example:

  • Mrs. Richardson sets a goal for 200 problems solved in Math for the week. Her students use ScootPad 5 days a week in school @ 30 minutes each session in addition to usage at home. On average her students can complete 3-5 tasks (practices or assessments) per session. If the average student answers 7/10 questions correctly, then this goal is within reach. Mrs. Richardson monitors the goal board daily to see who is close and who may be struggling. Students can also see how well they are doing on their dashboard and continue to reach for the stars! 

This is a better metric to use as it is completely tied to students mastering the standards! Encourage them as they will receive coins for exceeding the goal!

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