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Reviewing Remediated Concepts

During Adaptive Practice, when a student struggles, ScootPad automatically offers the student questions and instructional lessons in prerequisite concepts in order to fill knowledge gaps. This is a teacher time saver! Below we detail how to unpack the Learning Path to review the prerequisite concepts which have been scaffolded and the Mastery Score calculation.

1. Launch your classroom

2. From the classroom Navigation Bar click on Features and then under Math or ELA click on Adaptive Practice:

3. Students who are currently receiving automatic scaffolding will have at least 1 "orange" concept which has been scaffolded down to prerequisites. Locate the student. Select "details" to view the student's Learning Path. TIP: If a student doesn't have any orange concepts, check their Learning Path anyway to see which skill gaps were filled!

4. Review the scaffolded (orange) and prerequisite concepts.

5. Click on Mastery Score tab to view the Mastery Score in each concept. In this view, you can also see the concept hierarchy. 

6. Click on the Mastery Score to detail how the score was calculated.

By unpacking the Learning Path, you can understand what is happening behind the scenes as students launch Adaptive Practice!

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