Generate MAP Learning Path

To generate an individualized MAP Learning Path for each student:

1.Click on Content in the upper right hand corner of the page:

2. Click on "Generate MAP Learning Paths" 

3.  Choose the student you wish to generate this learning path for.

4. Enter RIT Scores. From the student's latest MAP Goal Performance Report, enter the Lower RIT scores as shown below.

5. The suggested target RIT score will auto-populate but you can adjust by selecting the desired score from the drop down menu.

6. Review your selections and click continue.
ScootPad's MAP Learning Path Generator uses Goal Performance Areas aligned to the domains in your respective Curriculum (i.e . New Jersey Standards, Common Core). Please note that NWEA may further divide these Goal Performance Areas into their own subgroups.  Here's an article from NWEA where they show alignments state by state.

Example: If Literature has been broken into subgroups as shown below,

and the Lower RIT scores for these areas on your report says

200 for Literature: Key Ideas and Details and
205 for Literature: Craft and Structure

you would enter 200 into ScootPad since this would be the LOWEST of the 2 scores as shown  below. You can then choose the specific Target from the drop down menu that is appropriate for the student.

In this way, the Learning Path can take into consideration all necessary concepts for that Goal Performance Area/Domain.  

7.Review the summary for the student which shows the number of concepts in each MAP Goal Performance Area. Click continue.

8. Name the Learning Path or keep the pre-filled Learning Path name. Choose to save and assign to student later or save and assign to student now. 

You are all set! Simply repeat the process for each student!

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