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Generate MAP Learning Paths

To generate an individualized MAP Learning Path for one or more students:


1. Click on Content in the upper right-hand corner of the page:

2. Click on "Generate MAP Learning Paths" 

3.  Choose the classroom and then the student(s) you wish to generate learning paths for.

4. Select the state/test alignment

5 Select the specific MAP test taken. NOTE: If you are generating Reading Paths and your school takes the Language test, you will need to enter in Language RIT scores at the same time you enter Reading RIT scores.

6. Using your latest Class report, start entering the student's RIT scores. The suggested target RIT score will auto-populate but you can adjust by selecting the desired score from the drop-down menu or overwriting the score.

7. Review your selections for your students and click continue.

8. Learning Paths will be created and have pre-filled names in this format "MAP Learning Path (Student Name/Date)". Choose to save and assign to students later or save and assign to students now. NOTE: At any time, you can hit the Back button to revise selections before saving.

You are all set!

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