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Teacher: 2 ways to add new students to Google classroom


To add a new student to your Google synced classroom, you can give students the code to enroll into the classroom. 


1. Add the student to your actual Google classroom first and then follow the directions below:

2. Sign into ScootPad by clicking "sign in with Google". Do not enter an email address or password.

Choose “Link Existing Account” if the teacher/student already has a ScootPad account. Students in classrooms that have been synced to Google must choose “Link Existing Account” to prevent creating duplicate accounts.

3. Launch your Google synced classroom:

4. Click on Roster>Manage students in the navigation bar:

5. Click "Sync from Google". TIP: This button is only visible when you have signed in with Google, as per the first step.

Your students should now sync and they can launch ScootPad by clicking sign in with Google from the sign in page.

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