Launching the Remediation Monitor

To launch the Remediation Monitor:

1. Launch your classroom from the teacher home page:

2. On the Menu Bar click Remediation:
3. The Remediation Page will show you how many unique students have been scaffolded to work on prerequisite (lower level) concepts. From here Launch the Remediation Monitor for Math or ELA:

4. On the Remediation Monitor Page there is a legend on the right-hand side explaining the Tiers:

5. The students who appear on the side of the chart have been identified as needing prerequisite skill practice in the concepts which appear on the top of the chart. The concepts are grouped into tiers giving you insight into which concepts your whole class, small groups or individual students had skill gaps in.  Unchecking a tier removes that tier from view allowing you to focus on a specific group. 

6. Clicking the magnifying glass in the cell for a specific student will allow you to see the remediation tree (all the scaffolded concepts currently available for the student to practice). The concept at the top represents the original concept in the Learning Path that the student struggled with. Prerequisite concepts are shown leading away from this concept. Hover over each concept to see the details for when the student last practiced it, how many questions and the current mastery score. We will go as far down as the concept is first introduced if necessary.  The legend at the bottom of the page, tells you the status of each concept.

7. Keep in mind, we have it under control but you can certainly monitor students' progress by reviewing this Monitor. All the students need to do, is simply launch Adaptive Practice!

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