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Assigning Prebuilt MAP Learning Paths

MAP-aligned prebuilt Learning Paths can be used in 2 ways:

1) Assign a path to all students to prepare for the interim assessment they will take (i.e. Your class will take the Spring Interim assessment in April. You assign everyone the Spring Learning Path right after they take the Winter assessment to give them time to practice.)
2) Students with RIT scores in between tests. (i.e. Mary is in 5th grade and when using the Learning Path Generator, no concepts are returned because Mary has "tested out" of the 2-5 test. The teacher can assign Mary the Grade 6 Learning Path which will challenge her and provide any necessary remediation) 

To assign a MAP-aligned prebuilt Learning Path, follow the steps below:

1. Click on Content:

2. Click on Learning Paths:

3. Search by curriculum and grade level:

4. Assign a Learning path to one or more students by clicking Assign. Note you can also see the RIT ranges each learning Path is aligned to in addition to the standards covered.

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