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Copy and Customize a Learning Path

This article will address how to copy an existing Learning Path and customize it to make it your own.

1. Click on Content in the Navigation bar.

2. Click on Learning Path.
3. Locate the Learning Path you want to copy by browsing in either tab. (Browse searches the entire ACT Mosaic Adaptive Academic Learning database. Starred allows you to search Learning Paths you have starred. Shared displays all paths shared with you by others in your school or district. My own displays all Learning Paths you have created)

4. Once you have located the Learning Path, click the Copy & Customize button.

5. From here, you can remove entire units by clicking "delete unit", rename the unit by clicking "change name", or remove individual concepts by clicking the trash can icon.  

6. If necessary, you can click the back button to add concepts.

7. Finish customizing and then save and share!

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