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Clever: Best Practices

Here are some best practices when initiating the Clever Auto Roster sync.

Admin: Sharing Sections

If the teacher teaches the same set of students, share 1 section for the teacher.

If the teacher has multiple sections with different students in each section, share all appropriate sections.

Teachers: Setting Up Sections

Once sections sync in ACT Mosaic Adaptive Academic Learning, teachers MUST set up each section in order for students to be able to launch the class on their end.   Students see the "sections" or classrooms that are set up for them to launch. if you don't need the section, leave it in in the "continue setup" state.  

 If students receive a message that they need a class code, this means the teacher has not set up the class.
If the teacher sees multiple sections on the dashboard but doesn't need them all, only set up the sections needed.

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