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Admin: Common Account Red Flags

Below are common Red flags and how you can correct them.

Student management
It is important to have one method of rostering students to avoid duplicate entries/student profiles.
In the below image, there are 2 students with the same name. Because the student is listed 2 times, this is considered 2 students and will take up 2 licenses if the students are enrolled into classrooms. These 2 profiles cannot be merged and one student will need to be deleted from the system. 

Next steps:
Go to Users>Manage students. Sort students by first name to identify potential conflicts/duplicates. When you have located a set of duplicates, look at the last login date for each student to determine if the profile is in use. If it is not, check the student and click the trashcan to delete the student. You will need to enter your password. If multiple profiles of the student are being used, you will need to delete the profile that hasn't been used recently OR the profile with the least amount of data based on reviewing reports for those students.


Teacher management 
Teachers should only have one account to prevent log in discrepancies.
In the below image, it is clear that the teacher has multiple accounts. This is common if a teacher uses a personal email and a school email or 2 versions of their school emails.To avoid confusion, you will need to delete one of the teacher accounts and advise the teacher of it's removal for sign in purposes.

Next steps:
Go to Users>Manage Teachers. Locate the teacher profiles in question. Check and see if each of the profiles have classrooms attached. If the profile TO BE DELETED has classrooms attached, you will need to go to Users>Manage Classrooms first and reassign the classroom (change the primary teacher) to the teacher's account YOU WANT TO KEEP. After completing this step, go back to Users>Manage Teachers. The profile to be deleted should now show 0 classrooms. Click the trashcan next to this profile to remove from your account.


License management 
The site license should be enabled for the specific teachers who need to have access to your subscription to prevent license over allocation. 
In the below image, all of the teachers are "enabled" and in the "on" position. This means that all students enrolled in those teachers' classrooms are counting against the number of licenses purchased. See Student management above for why this is important. If the license was purchased for specific teachers, you will need to ensure that only those teachers are in the "on" position.

Next steps:
Go to License>Manage license. Click the flag next to the teacher to disable the license. Refresh the page to see the impact disabling the license has had on your license allocation. If the account was over allocated and this did not correct the over allocation, you will need to check Users>manage classrooms to determine if teachers have old classrooms that need to be un-enrolled. See Enrollment management in the last section.


Classroom management
Ensuring that the grade level tag is correct for each classroom allows data to be displayed correctly in reports and dashboards.
In the below image, the grade level tags are set to Grade K. When accessing data and reports, the data will not display in an easy to read format if this is not updated.

Next steps:
Go to Users>Manage Classrooms. Click the pencil next to the classroom needing updating. Change the grade level. If it is a classroom with multiple grade levels choose not sure.

Enrollment management
Old classrooms should be un-enrolled and new students should be added year over year. If students are kept in these classrooms and are returning the next year, this causes confusion as they see both classes. In addition, your account can be over allocated if those students are not returning if they have graduated. In the below image, it is clear that students are entering the class and working on tasks.

Next steps:
Go to Users>Manage Classrooms. Sort by the "#of students engaged" column. You will need to verify that it is an old classroom by seeing when the students were enrolled in the classroom. Go to Users>Manage Enrollment. Locate the class in the drop down menu. Check the enroll date. An older classroom will have students enrolled from previous years. Check all students and click the action to un-enroll. 

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