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Assigning Aspire Assessments to Students

To assign Aspire Assessments to students, please follow these steps:

1. Log in to your ScootPad account and click Content in the top right. 
2. Click on the Aspire Assessments tile. 
3. Use the Grade Level and Subject drop down menu to select the grade and subject you would like to assign and click Search. 
4. Locate the desired assessment in the list of available assessments and click Assign. 
5. On the Assign Assessment screen, you will want to do the following:

a) Give the assessment a name. The name will default to Grade X Subject, Interim A/B but this is very generic and will make it difficult for you to distinguish between assessments if you give it more than once or assign it more than once to different groups of students. We suggest updating the name to be more specific to the assessment. For example, Grade 7 Math, Interim A Fall 2021 or Grade 7 Math, Interim A Foster (using the teacher or class name). This is a field you are able to type in so you can create your own naming convention for each assessment. 

b) Select the start and due date for the assessment. 

c) Select the start time and end time (if desired).

d) Select the classes/students(if signed in as a teacher) to assign the assessment to. 

e) Turn the display review after submission setting on or off depending on whether or not you want students to be able to see their responses and the correct answers after submitting their assessment. 

f) Enable proctoring if desired. 

6. Click Yes, Assign. 

NOTE: The assessment will not appear for students to access until the start date and it will be unavailable to them after the end date passes. You can edit the end date if needed by navigating to Assessment Results. 

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