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How to Review Assessment Data across the School (School Admin)

The By ACT report allows you to review assessment data across assessments assigned/taken by students schoolwide. While this report does give assessment data at the school level in a way Mosaic Adaptive Academic Learning never has before, please keep in mind that this report/dashboard is in the works so it will change as we refine the report layout and data.

To review assessment data as a School Admin:

1. On the Admin home page Launch the School.

2. From the Admin Navigation Bar select Data and then Reports and click the By ACT tile.

3. Use the drop down menus to view the specific assessment data desired.

The drop down options include:

-Filter by Subject (Math, English, Reading, or Science)
-Filter by Grade (3-10)
-Show Data Aligned to (Classroom Grade Only or Any Grade)
-School Year (currently limited to 2021 since this is a brand new report)

This report/dashboard provides the following information:

-Highest Performing Domain Category
-Lowest Performing Domain Category
-Proficiency by Domain
-Proficiency by Standard
-Assessment Grid (data by standard by school) - this is currently NOT affected by the grade level filter 

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