Managing Assessments (District Admin)

To assign, review, and manage Assessments for the district: 

1. Launch your District from the district home page: 

2. From the Features menu choose Assessments under Math or ELA: 

3. To Assign an Assessment Select Assign, Admins can choose from Auto Generated, Custom Built or a Pre-Built Assessment:

4. Admins can auto-generate or custom build an assessment, assign one of our pre-built entry/exit tickets or assign an EOY simulation for NWEA, PARCC, SBAC, and select state assessments

5. To Review assessment data, student performance and real-time reports choose Assessment Results: 

6. Filter by due date and then select the eye, under Actions, to Review Results:

7. Review classroom summary, student scores, and data insights.

  1. If you'd like to extend the dates (window) of an assessment after it has been given, in order to give students more time, or re-open the assessment because students didn't get a chance to complete it, refer to the article HERE.
  2. If you'd like to re-assign an assessment to a student who has finished but needs to re-take it a second time, refer to the article HERE
As an Admin you can create and review any assessment you assign to classrooms in your school.  

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