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Mastery Check Explained

A Mastery Check is a research-based, strategically spaced quick check for understanding. When students have concepts left to practice in the learning path, they are not aware that the Mastery Check is delayed (at least 48 hours). Towards the end of the learning path, this delay is more noticeable as students have less concepts to practice. We recommend having additional tasks ready for students who are at least 90% of the way through their Learning Paths.

  • When students have either finished the practice within concepts or they have passed the concepts on the Placement test, these concepts are placed in the "Mastery Check Ready" status and are colored turquoise in the learning path. Students must have at least 10 concepts in this status (see image below)  or there must not be anything left to practice (blue concepts) in order to start receiving Mastery Check sessions.

  • A Mastery Check is a type of adaptive practice and can be up to 4 concepts with 3 questions per concept for a total of 12 questions. If the student answers all 3 questions per concept correctly, that concept will be marked as mastered (status changes to green). 

  • If a concept is not passed, this concept goes back into rotation for practice until the student's average improves (decaying average)

This allows the teacher to now move the student into a more challenging learning path once every concept is marked as mastered!

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