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Troubleshooting: Adaptive Practice Issues

Are students experiencing issues launching their Adaptive Practice? Review the most common issues below:

1) Issue: Students cannot see Adaptive Practice on their dashboard

  •  Your dashboard will appear as below when turned on. You can see the path each student is on, the status, their progress, % complete, concepts mastered and can dig deeper for further review. 

  • Double check the student's dashboard by either observing or signing in as the student (Roster>Manage students. Sign In). Notice that you can see if, within Adaptive Practice, students are taking the Placement test.  If students see this, then they are good to go!

2) Issue: Students cannot launch Adaptive Practice
  • If students receive the following message, have them close the activity and launch again. If that does not work, have the student sign completely out and relaunch ScootPad.
  • If the student is still unable to launch, please contact us through your account (Help>Contact us) with the classroom, the subject, the task, and the student's user ID or name.
3) Issue: Students cannot review the answers after each question.

  • Students receive immediate feedback after a question only when in practice mode and if the teacher has the setting turned on. To check if the setting is turned on, click on Settings>General Settings and ensure that "Give Immediate Feedback" is turned on.

  • Students in Placement Mode (within Adaptive Practice) or taking Assessments do not receive feedback after each question
***If you have checked everything above for each of the various issues and the students are still having issues with Adaptive Practice, please send us:
  • The browser and device which is being used
  • The classroom/subject/assignment/student that is having the issue
  • A screenshot of the error the student is receiving with the console message displayed. To retrieve the console message, press CTRL+SHIFT+I while on the page that is not loading
  • Feedback and Knowledge Base