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Overallocation Fix Suggestions

There are several causes for an account to be overallocated (using more licenses than purchased). Here are a few suggestions for how to correct this overallocation:

District Admin: 
1. Check Manage License (under License) to ensure school license allocations are set up correctly. Move licenses as needed between buildings to correct overallocations using district licenses. 
2. Launch into any overallocated school to follow the steps below for each school (as needed).

School Admin:
1. Check Manage License (under License) to ensure only teachers who need access to the site license are turned ON to site license access. Toggle any teachers who do not need access to OFF which will automatically stop counting any enrolled students in their classrooms toward the used license count. 
2. Check Manage Classrooms (under Users) to see if any old classrooms are still listed in the account as active with students enrolled. Use the Un-Enroll Students button on the Manage Classrooms page to un-enroll any students from old classes and delete those old classrooms using the Delete Classrooms button.
3. Check for duplicate student accounts under Manage Students. Use the De-Dup Students button as a good starting place to identify duplicate student accounts. Delete the student account which is not being used. You can also scroll through the list of students to spot check for duplicate student accounts that the De-Dup might not have caught. 

You can navigate back to License>Manage License at any point to check your updated allocations to see your licenses used vs. licenses remaining balance. 


1. Students listed as users but NOT enrolled in any classrooms DO NOT count as utilizing a license. You can un-enroll students without deleting them in case they need to be re-enrolled at a later time and since they are not enrolled in a classroom, they are not occupying a license. 
2. Students who have multiple accounts enrolled in classrooms DO count as multiple licenses being used. This is why it is important to only have one student account per student user.
3. The same student account CAN be enrolled in multiple classrooms (no need for duplicate accounts). 
4. You can disable teachers from adding new student accounts under Settings>General Settings or on the License>Manage License page. 

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