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Solution: ScootPad for an Assessment Strategy

How to configure a solid assessment strategy across your classroom(s).

Understand the types of assessments ScootPad offers

  1. Comprehensive (EOY and Summative)
  2. Interim (Chapter, Unit, and MAP-aligned)
  3. Formative (Domain and Individual Standard)
  4. In addition, teachers and administrators can build their own assessments using items from our bank or create their own questions and build the assessments.

Decide when to administer the assessments 

  1. As a baseline  - Before students start working on their Learning Path, assign a quick assessment as a baseline. If building a custom path, easily create an assessment from the Learning Path!
  2. As manual quick checks for understanding- Automated checks for understanding are called Mastery checks, and students receive them at various times during their Adaptive Practice journey. However, if you want to manually assign everyone a quick assessment on a couple of standards, go for it! 
  3. As benchmarks - Launch comprehensive assessments 2-3 times a year 

Review Results
  1. During the assessment - Assessment results can be viewed in real-time while students are in progress.
  2. After the assessment - Review the results as a team for ways to provide students with specific practice in the standards where there is a struggle. 

Monitor Growth
  1. Use the Assessment Growth report after administering 2 assessments covering the same standards. This allows for visualizing growth by student and by standard
  2. Have students work through their Learning Paths to address gaps in their learning and automate remediation

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