How to enable video lessons if YouTube is blocked

ScootPad delivers video lessons (embedded on ScootPad) to students via Vimeo and/or YouTube. Vimeo is the default video service and if Vimeo is not accessible, YouTube will automatically become the video service. If Vimeo is NOT accessible, ScootPad looks for the following resources to be accessible to determine if YouTube is available:

If your district/school has YouTube blocked for student devices, it is still possible to enable the embedded ScootPad lesson videos for students if you are using Google Apps for Education. Please forward this information to your system/network administrator so they can setup the necessary access.

To enable access to ScootPad video lessons (embedded) for your students, please follow the steps below (for administrators):
  1. Login to your Google Apps for Education account
  2. In Apps>Additional Google Services>YouTube settings, Make sure to give "Moderate Restricted YouTube accesspermissions policy to Students. (Open G Suite help article: Manage your YouTube access settings)
  3. Assign the "Can approve videos" permissions policy to teachers/admins who you authorize to approve channels or videos.
  4. Click this URL:
  5. Click the "Approve" button -- this will approve the "ScootPad Content" channel which hosts all video lessons. (Open G Suite help article: Manage approved YouTube videos and channels)
  6. Test a student account on a student device to ensure the student is now able to access the video lesson

If your district does not use Google Apps for Education, alternatively you can enable ScootPad video lessons via Vimeo. Please follow these instructions to check and enable video lessons via Vimeo.

If Vimeo nor YouTube are accessible, then ScootPad will disable the lesson.

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