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  1. Adaptive Placement

  2. Adaptive Placement Test Information

  3. Adaptive Practices

  4. Adaptive vs Targeted Practice in the Classroom

  5. Adding/Browsing Word Lists

  6. Adjusting class leaderboards

  7. Adjusting Intervention Threshold

  8. Admin Cheat Sheet

  9. Admin Insights: Knowledge Heatmap

  10. Admin: Adjusting/Changing Classroom Grade Level

  11. Admin: Best Practices for 9th & 10 Grade (or changing schedules)

  12. Admin: Common Account Red Flags

  13. Admin: Disconnect Student from Google Account

  14. Admin: Exporting Student Data

  15. Admin: Managing Admins

  16. Admin: Managing Classrooms

  17. Admin: Managing Student Enrollment

  18. Admin: Managing Students

  19. Admin: Managing Teachers

  20. Admin: Moving students

  21. Admin: Review Usage Stats

  22. Administrator: Add individual classrooms

  23. Administrator: Add individual student

  24. Administrator: Add individual teacher

  25. Administrator: Assigning Student Licenses to Teachers

  26. Administrator: Bulk upload students

  27. Administrator: Bulk upload teachers

  28. Administrator: Enroll students in classrooms

  29. Aspire Assessments

  30. Aspire Assessments Users Guide

  31. Aspire Assessments: How to Access and Browse

  32. Assessments

  33. Assign Projects

  34. Assign Reading Log Assignments

  35. Assign Targeted Practice to other classrooms

  36. Assigning Aspire Assessments to Students

  37. Assigning Concept Improvement

  38. Assigning eBook Reading Assignments

  39. Assigning ELA Assessments

  40. Assigning ELA Instructional Lessons

  41. Assigning ELA Targeted Practices

  42. Assigning Math Assessments

  43. Assigning Math Instructional Lessons

  44. Assigning Math Targeted Practices

  45. Assigning Prebuilt MAP Learning Paths

  46. Assigning Spelling Assignments

  47. Assigning Writing Assignments

  48. Assigning/Canceling ELA Placement Test

  49. Assigning/Canceling Math Placement Test

  50. Auto Generate Questions for Assessment

  51. Awarding Bonus Coins via Rewards

  52. Awarding Bonus Coins via Targeted Practice

  53. Behavior Management

  54. Browse Content Library

  55. Browsing/Creating Custom Assessments

  56. Browsing/Creating eBooks Learning Paths

  57. Browsing/Creating Lessons in the Lesson Bank

  58. Browsing/Creating Math and ELA Learning Paths

  59. Browsing/Creating Questions in the Question Bank

  60. Browsing/Creating Spelling Learning Paths

  61. Browsing/Creating Spelling Word Lists

  62. Build my own ELA Learning Path

  63. Build my own Math Learning Path

  64. Calculating student time on task

  65. Cancel Adaptive Placement Test

  66. Canvas SSO Integration

  67. Changing Mastery Settings

  68. Changing the Default Learning Path

  69. Changing/Removing Fact operations

  70. ClassLink SSO Integration

  71. Clever District SSO and Roster Integration

  72. Clever Teacher SSO and Rostering Integration (Library)

  73. Coins & Rewards

  74. Content Library

  75. Copy and Customize a Learning Path

  76. Copy Assessment

  77. Differentiating Student Practice (Targeted Practice method)

  78. Display name of Learning Path for students

  79. District Admin: How to Disable Teachers from Viewing/Assigning Aspire Assessments

  80. District Admin: Review Assessment Data across the District

  81. District Admin: Review Proficiency Reports

  82. District Administrator: Accessing Help

  83. District Administrator: Allocate Student Licenses to Schools

  84. District Administrator: Managing Account Settings

  85. District Administrator: Managing District Settings

  86. District Administrator: Managing Messages

  87. District Administrator: Managing Notifications

  88. District Administrator: Popular Resources

  89. eBooks

  90. Edit Learning Path

  91. Edit Targeted Practice

  92. English (ELA)

  93. Exporting Assessment Data (School & District Admin)

  94. Extend dates (window) of Assessment

  95. Fact Fluency

  96. Fulfilling rewards

  97. Generate Assessment from Learning Path

  98. Generate MAP Learning Paths

  99. Getting ready for your ScootPad PD!

  100. Getting Started For Admins

  101. Getting Started For Students

  102. Getting Started For Teachers

  103. Growth Mindset

  104. Handpick Questions for Assessment

  105. How do I check if my device is compatible with ScootPad?

  106. How does ScootPad comply with COPPA and FERPA

  107. How does ScootPad protect and secure student information

  108. How to access reminders with Messages

  109. How to add a Co-Teacher (Admin)

  110. How to add a Co-teacher (Teacher)

  111. How to adjust Behavior Settings

  112. How to change Email Notification settings

  113. How to connect parents

  114. How to enable video lessons if JW Player is blocked

  115. How to find Javascript console errors and report them

  116. How to find the class code

  117. How to get started

  118. How to log Behavior

  119. How to report a content error

  120. How to Reset or Change Password?

  121. How to use Messages to engage with parents

  122. How to View Proficiency by Grade (District Admin)

  123. Insights & Reports

  124. Insights: Compare Classrooms

  125. Insights: Knowledge Heatmap

  126. Instructional Lessons

  127. Intervention

  128. Launching the Intervention Monitor

  129. Launching the Scaffolding Monitor

  130. Leaderboards

  131. License Management

  132. LTI Integration with other LMS/SIS systems

  133. Managing Assessments & Reviewing Assessment Data (District Admin)

  134. Managing Assessments & Reviewing Assessment Data (School Admin)

  135. Managing eBooks Adaptive Reading

  136. Managing eBooks settings

  137. Managing ELA Adaptive Practice

  138. Managing ELA settings

  139. Managing Fact Fluency

  140. Managing Growth Mindset Messages

  141. Managing Math Adaptive Practice

  142. Managing Math Settings

  143. Managing Spelling Adaptive Practice

  144. Managing Spelling settings

  145. Managing the Writing Rubric

  146. Managing Weekly Goals

  147. Mastery Check Explained

  148. Math

  149. NWEA (MAP)

  150. Overallocation Fix Suggestions

  151. Parent Engagement

  152. Parent: Email Alerts

  153. Parent: Popular Resources

  154. Parent: Review Student Progress

  155. Playlist: Communication

  156. Playlist: Content and Curriculum

  157. Playlist: Reporting for District Administrators

  158. Playlist: Reporting for School Administrators

  159. Playlist: Reporting for Teachers

  160. Playlist: Response to Intervention

  161. Playlist: The Student Experience

  162. Playlist: Using Clever with ScootPad

  163. Popular resources!

  164. Printing in ScootPad

  165. Privacy & Compliance

  166. Proctoring explained

  167. Professional Development

  168. Projects

  169. Reading Level Correlation Chart

  170. Reading Logs

  171. Reassign Assessment

  172. Remove/Change Learning Path (student level)

  173. Resetting Fact Fluency Operations

  174. Review Assignment Feed

  175. Review Placement Report

  176. Review Project submissions

  177. Review Reading Log Submissions

  178. Review Targeted Practice Results

  179. Reviewing Additional Reports

  180. Reviewing classroom progress in Fact Fluency

  181. Reviewing Districtwide Assessment Data on the Aspire Interim Assessments Report (District Admins)

  182. Reviewing Goal Performance in Previous Weeks

  183. Reviewing Individual Assessment Results (Teachers)

  184. Reviewing Mastery Check sessions

  185. Reviewing Practice Data

  186. Reviewing Remediated Concepts

  187. Reviewing Schoolwide Assessment Data on the Aspire Interim Assessments Report (School Admins)

  188. Reviewing Student Assessment Data

  189. Reviewing Student Intervention Data

  190. Reviewing student progress in Fact Fluency

  191. Reviewing the eBooks library

  192. Reviewing Writing submissions

  193. School Admin: Review Aspire Assessment Data across the School

  194. School Admin: Review Classroom Activity

  195. School Admin: Review Proficiency Reports

  196. School Administrator: Accessing Help

  197. School Administrator: Assign Student Licenses to Teachers

  198. School Administrator: Managing Account Settings

  199. School Administrator: Managing Messages

  200. School Administrator: Managing Notifications

  201. School Administrator: Managing School Settings

  202. School Administrator: Popular Resources

  203. Schoology SSO Integration

  204. Science

  205. ScootPad Glossary of Terms

  206. ScootPad Onboarding Checklist

  207. ScootPad Usage Metrics

  208. Set up Pre-Built Assessments

  209. Setting up MAP Simulation Assessments

  210. Setting up rewards

  211. Setup next Learning Path

  212. Sharing Setup in Clever

  213. Sign In with Google Integration

  214. Site-Wide Data & Reports

  215. Solution: After-School Supplement

  216. Solution: Curriculum Standardization

  217. Solution: ScootPad for an Assessment Strategy

  218. Solution: Special Education and ScootPad

  219. Spelling

  220. SSO and Roster Integration

  221. Student Collaboration

  222. Students: Account settings and options

  223. Students: Communication using Messages

  224. Students: Communication using the Class Wall

  225. Students: Friends & Shoutouts

  226. Students: Fun Zone

  227. Students: Inside the classroom

  228. Students: Launching all subjects

  229. Students: Review reports and activity summary

  230. Switching to Clever and the Impact to Existing ScootPad Users

  231. Targeted Practices

  232. Teacher - Editing Individual Student Learning Settings

  233. Teacher Cheat Sheet

  234. Teacher-Driven Intervention: ELA

  235. Teacher-Driven Intervention: Math

  236. Teacher: Accessing Help

  237. Teacher: Add classroom

  238. Teacher: Add new students to Google classroom

  239. Teacher: Class Roster (Add Students & Connect Parents)

  240. Teacher: Classroom Dashboard

  241. Teacher: Connecting parents

  242. Teacher: Creating Student certificates

  243. Teacher: Import new Google Classroom

  244. Teacher: Managing Account Settings

  245. Teacher: Managing General Class Settings

  246. Teacher: Managing Messages

  247. Teacher: Managing Notifications

  248. Teacher: Managing privacy settings

  249. Teacher: Popular Resources

  250. Teacher: Printing student sign in cards

  251. Teacher: Setting up Clever Classrooms

  252. Teacher: Setting/Changing Classroom Grade Level

  253. Technical Specs

  254. Troubleshooting Tips

  255. Troubleshooting: Adaptive Practice Issues

  256. Troubleshooting: School not in ScootPad

  257. Troubleshooting: Voice Read-Aloud

  258. Turn Adaptive Practice on/off (classroom level)

  259. Understanding ScootPad and How it Works

  260. Uploading and Embedding Instructional Lessons

  261. User Management

  262. Viewing Leaderboards as a District Admin

  263. Viewing Leaderboards as a School Admin

  264. Viewing Leaderboards as a student

  265. Viewing Leaderboards as a teacher

  266. What are Aspire Assessments?

  267. What are the minimum system requirements to use ScootPad?

  268. What is LTI Integration?

  269. What is NWEA MAP?

  270. What reminders are sent

  271. Why is my email address not able to receive emails from ScootPad?

  272. Writing

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