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Assigning Supplemental Practice and Homework

Below we’ve broken down how ScootPad helps you efficiently assign supplemental practice and homework:  

1. In-Class Instruction Sets the Stage

Provide the necessary in-class instruction to students in the concepts that align with your lesson plan. Next, choose the concepts you want your students to have additional practice or homework in. These could be concepts you just taught in-class, previously taught concepts that you would like to reinforce or simply the concepts students must gain proficiency in for their grade level. Either way, ScootPad has you covered.

2. Adaptive and Targeted Practice Team Up for Differentiation

Once you know which concepts your students will work on, assign the Learning Path (Adaptive practice) to ensure ScootPad fills skill gaps and Targeted practice to follow up as needed.

Differentiation: Teacher assigning standard 5.G.B.3 to specific students for HW by using the Mastery Grid

TIP: Use the above strategy to assign differentiated practices to your students ensuring each student has specific tasks to work on!

3. Automatic Intervention Helps Fill Knowledge Gaps

As students launch adaptive practices, they will see lessons, multiple item types, different DOK-leveled questions and most importantly scaffolded content if applicable. ScootPad will detect when a student is struggling and will automatically scaffold content in real-time (across DOK and grade levels) providing the student with practice in pre-requisite concepts. This automatic intervention happens in real-time with no involvement from the teacher and seamlessly within the students’ adaptive practice. What a time saver in your supplemental strategy!

The red border surrounds the pre-requisite concepts pulled into the Learning Path automatically. The checkmark indicates ScootPad has filled the skill gap!

4. Easily Monitor Intervention and Improvement

Monitor how students are progressing and assign improvement as necessary. Can it get any simpler?

Teacher assigns homework in L.2.1a. Monitors progress and can reassign.

Assigning supplemental practice and homework can be done pretty quickly! Let us help you ensure that your students have a solid foundation before moving on to other skills. In addition to the above, remember to give students feedback and bonus coins for their efforts! 

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