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How to use ScootPad in a 1:1 Learning Environment

Below we’ve broken down how ScootPad helps you implement this solution by simulating use on an iPad mini, a very popular device used by ScootPad teachers and students!

1. Personal 1:1 Device

ScootPad works with all popular web browsers on all operating systems, all popular devices (larger than 7") and most popular platforms. As your district rolls out it's BYOD policy or 1:1 initiative, rest assure that ScootPad enables Single Sign On (SSO) capabilities for seamless integration through any LMS system as shown below.

2. Adaptive and Self-Paced Curriculum

Teachers customize their classroom curriculum with ScootPad 's easy to use classroom wizard. Students are then able to launch ScootPad and receive automatic practice which continuously adapts for the student. Our proprietary algorithms ensure a tailored practice experience with each and every problem to meet the student's need in the moment. When a student struggles with a concept, ScootPad automatically pushes a Time-Out lesson to help the student with that specific concept.

As students launch adaptive practices, in addition to lessons, they will see multiple item types, different DOK-leveled questions and most importantly scaffolded content if applicable. ScootPad will detect when a student is struggling and will automatically scaffold content in real-time (across DOK and grade levels) providing the student with practice in pre-requisite concepts. This automatic intervention happens in real-time with no involvement from the teacher and seamlessly within the students’ adaptive practice. What a time saver for teachers!

3. Real-Time Insights

Your classroom data needs to be easy to find, easy to use, and easy to interpret.

How-to: Select Reports from your classroom navigation bar.

  1. Activity Dashboard – Check out your classroom activity and drill down by student.
  2. Proficiency Reports – Gain practice insights for each student across concepts, classrooms, domains, and subjects. These reports reflect real-time practice data.
  3. Mastery Reports – Review mastery and progress in a specific learning path by student and the entire classroom (grid view).
  4. Standards Report – Comprehensive classroom report across standards with both practice and assessment data side by side. Make sure to drill down by student!
  5. Assessment Reports – Review assessment data by student and across all students (grid view). For the cherry on top, review growth between assessments across each student and standard.
  6. Other Reports – Classroom reading, writing, and behavior dashboards are at your fingertips with the ability to drill down by student.

4. Student Growth and Progress

As students sign in to ScootPad on their personal devices, they have various ways of visualizing their own growth and progress. This keeps them motivated to reach for the stars!

  • Learning Path % complete is a metric that is very prominent on their dashboard.
  • Goal achievement
  • Progression towards Mastery including concept status by unit and domain
  • Assessment Growth over time

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