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Differentiating Student Practice (Adaptive Practice method)

Adaptive Practice repeated assignments which happen automatically) is a great way to ensure your students achieve mastery in every concept! See below to enable!

 a) Turn Adaptive Practice on and have students start practicing!

b) Review the Adaptive Practice Dashboard to see student progression through their Learning Paths.
Check out the scaffolding, the concepts students are working on, and the concepts ready for the
automatic Mastery Check.

c) Review the Intervention Monitor and group students into Tiered Intervention groups for
re-teaching and additional practice.

d) Periodically, review the “Mastery Grid” and “By Standard” reports to review how your class is
performing in their Learning Paths and at the standard level.

These 4 steps will ensure that differentiation happens automatically saving you precious time!
Check out the other 2 ways to differentiate practice for students in ACT Mosaic Adaptive Academic Learning!
Teacher-Created Manual Assignments (Targeted Practices)
Blended Differentiation (Adaptive & Targeted Practice)

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