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Differentiating Student Practice (Adaptive & Targeted Practice method)

Enable unique differentiation for every student with the combined power of automatic assignments via Adaptive Practice and teacher-driven assignments via Targeted Practice.

 a) Turn Adaptive Practice on and have students start practicing! 

b) Review the Adaptive Practice Dashboard to see student progression through their Learning Paths. 

c) Review the Intervention Monitor and group students into Tiered Intervention groups for re-teaching and additional practice.

d) Check the “Mastery Grid” report to review how your class is performing across each concept in their Learning Paths.
e) Check the “By Standard” report (Reports>By Standard) to review student progress at the standard level.

f) Group students into small groups for differentiation and target these small groups with lessons and targeted practice!
g) Review Targeted Practice results and give feedback or reassign as needed.
h) Plan and prepare additional Targeted Practices or Assessments to measure growth.
i) Review the Proficiency Dashboard and drill down to see how students are trending in the concepts you have assigned

These steps will ensure you can manually differentiate for your students while they work at their own pace within their Learning Paths!  

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