Teachers: Virtual BootCamp Calendar Summer 2020

Teachers, please see the below calendar and use the links provided to register for the Virtual BootCamp session of your choice.  Once you click on the link, the time will be displayed in your time zone. Please make sure you are registering for the correct date!

Note: Registration closes for the Session by 11:59 pm EST the Friday before the session. You will also need to have a school or district assigned TEACHER acct to link to your PD certificate.

PRE-REQUISITE for VBC is ScootPad for Beginners [Click here to RSVP]

Part 1: TUESDAY (Teacher Project) (1 hr of instruction and 2 hrs of practice) 
  1. Settings and Navigation  (Pre-BootCamp Tasks)
  2. Practice (Adaptive and Targeted), Assessments, and Intervention
Part 2: THURSDAY (Teacher Project) (45 minutes  of instruction/2 hrs and 15 minutes of practice) 
  1. Instruction, Data, and Student Engagement

VBC Session for TeachersVBC Session PartVBC Session DateVBC Session Link
Session 1Tuesday: Part 16/2
Thursday: Part 26/4
Session 2Tuesday: Part 16/9
Thursday: Part 26/11
Session 3Tuesday: Part 16/16
Thursday: Part 26/18
Session 4Tuesday: Part 16/23
Thursday: Part 26/25

Session 5Tuesday: Part 17/14
Thursday: Part 27/16
Session 6Tuesday: Part 17/21
Thursday: Part 27/23
Session 7Tuesday: Part 17/28
Thursday: Part 27/30
Session 8Tuesday: Part 18/11Click here to RSVP for Part 1
Thursday: Part 28/13Click here to RSVP for Part 2

Session 9Tuesday: Part 18/18Click here to RSVP for Part 1
Thursday: Part 28/20Click here to RSVP for Part 2
Session 10: Special same day sessionTuesday: Part 18/25Click here to RSVP for Part 1
Tuesday: Part 28/25Click here to RSVP for Part 2

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